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Process Aerators, Aspirator and Mixers
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Odor Control Biofilters, Biotrickling Filters
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Activated Carbon Feed Systems

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Activated Carbon & Systems for Odor Control

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Decanter Centrifuges

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Dewatering Press

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RapidFloc Mixer, Quick-Dry Filter Bed

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Carbon Odor Control, FRP Duct and Dampers, FRP Storage Tanks

FRP Weirs, Scum Baffles, Density Current Baffles, and Launder Covers for Clarifiers
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UV Disinfection

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Archimedean Screw Pumps, Floating Aerators & Mixers

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Gravity Filter Control System

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Sequential Batch Reactors, Jet Mixing & Grit Removal Systems

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Algae Sweep Automation

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Gravity Filter Media for Accelerated Sludge Bed Drying

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 Sludge Dryers

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High Efficiency Centrifugal Blowers

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Granular Activated Carbon

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Belt & Screw Conveyors

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Instrumentation & Controls

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AeroStrip Fine Bubble Diffuser, Digestion Equipment, Membrane Thickening, Filter Underdrains
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Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), Microblox (Compact, Ready to Operate MBR Plant)
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Concentrated Oxygen Generation

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Rotary Fan Press (Dewatering Systems)

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Ozone Systems
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Turn-Key Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems

Brush Rotor Aerators and Oxidation Ditch Technology

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Positive Displacement Blowers
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Gate Valves, Tapping Sleeves


High Rate Compressed Media Filtration, Tertiary Filtration, CSO Filter, Stormwater Control Valve

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Thermoplastic Chemical Pumps

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Gate Valves, Tapping Sleeves

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Air Release, Rubber Flapper, Tilting Disc & Swing Check Valves, Ball & Cone Valves, Eccentric Plug, Butterfly & Knife Gate Valves, Fabricated Specialty Knife Gate Valves

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Pinch Valves, Expansion Joints

Pneumatic Valve
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Electric Actuators

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Automatic Control Valves, Pressure Management Systems

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Mud, Flap, Telescoping and PRV Valves

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Sluice and Slide Gates